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Heated socks Gerbing 12 Volt excluding battery cable / excluding long Y cable


Size Shoe Sock size
36 - 38 S
39 - 42 M
43 - 45 L
46 - 48 XL

Price: €93.10 (€76.94 excl. BTW)

Availability: In Stock

aansluitschema-verwarming_compleet_12V_GERBING verwarmde_sokken_Gerbing_SOCK_12Volt Accukabel_12V_CXPP_Battery-hook-up_GERBING Lange_Ykabel_12V_Y-harness_CXY_GERBING


12V product line and to be connected to a vehicle battery.

From 5°C and below, these socks are perfect for traveling.
Direct connection to the motorcycle battery and you have continuous warm feet while riding.
Travel at speeds up to 120 km / hour and with outdoor temperatures down to -20°C, these electrically heated socks provide enough heat so you do not cool down.

Features Socks :

  • Socks to knee height and the wearable barefoot or wear them as an extra sock.
  • Seamless 4 way stretch wicking fabric, perfectly followed the shape of your legs.
  • The sock is has a wide elastic top band.
  • Left and right foot make the fit at its best.
  • The socks are equipped with durable Microwire®, the heating wire is not noticeable.
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating material prevents sweating.
  • Only socks delivery / excluding battery cable - excluding Long Y-cable

Technical data :

  • Microwire®heating technology , very good and uniform heat distribution.
  • 12 Volt power source (engine, scooter, car, plane)
  • Power consumption 16.8 watts / 1.4 Amps
  • Surface T°: 57°C at  -2°C to 2°C
  • Available Sizes : XS - XXL (shoe size 35 to 47)


  • 12Volt heated clothing Gerbing are designed to produce sufficient heat at temperatures of  -20°C and with a speed of 120 Km / Hour.
  • As the outside temperature rises, the 12V Socks  will be warmer.
  • From +5°C, you can risk red spots or blisters caused by to hot temperature.
  • Check your skin regularly and do not let the temperature rise to high.
  • Recommended : use a temperature controller (optional) and avoid high temperature.

OPTIONAL : use without connection to the motorcycle

  • With a separate,  rechargeable 12V battery in connection with your socks through a long Y-cable CXY.
  • You can choose the B12V-5200 KIT or more powerful B12V-8000 KIT (KIT = battery + charger + remote).

    Battery capacity / warmth duration.
    B12V-5AhKIT B12V-10AhKIT
    Level 3 :  +- 2.5 hours Level 3 :  +- 5 hours
    Level 2 :  +- 4 hours Level 2 :  +- 8 hours
    Level 1 :  +- 7 hours Level 1 :  +- 14 hours

              The duration of the rechargeable battery may vary depending on the outdoor temperature.
Capacity decreases as it gets colder.
              Below 0°C the battery will have a capacity of about 80%.

Maintenance batteries : READ MORE

Warranty Gerbing : READ MORE 

Maintenance socks :  

  • Never clean the socks in the washing machine or dryer. 
  • Hand wash with mild detergent (vb.Woolite).
  • Water gently squeezing, never wring the socks.  

Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.4 kg

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